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Virtual Dinos to pet

Enjoy watching hands animated cute dinosaurs, inspired by 90's Tamagotchi, live directly on your desktop.

Watch your dinosaurs live

Watch your dinosaurs live their life : eat, sleep, die... Inside your windows desktop or inside a fullscreen environment.

Build your world

Customize the environment with background or interractable elements like: plants, flowers, rocks...

Play while you are working

Desktop Dinosaurs can be played directly on you desktop computer (This mode is available on Windows only). So you can use your computer and watch your dinosaurs at the same time. It has been build to distract you less as possible.

Development progress 🦖

The game is in active development and it’s always evolving, adding more content and functionalities.

More environnement variety



New color sets

Steam Release






More player interactions

Dinosaurs interactions

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
AuthorHarmonie Games
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Casual, chill, Dinosaurs, Feel Good, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, tamagotchi, Virtual Pet
Average sessionAbout an hour
MentionsGames of the Month: Boats, Dogs, and Din...


Buy Now$4.45 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.45 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Desktop Dinosaur - v1.4 - Windows x86_64.zip 30 MB
Desktop Dinosaur - v1.4 - Windows x86.zip 27 MB
Desktop Dinosaur - v1.4 - Mac OSX.zip 28 MB
Desktop Dinosaur - v1.3 - Windows x86_64.zip 29 MB
Desktop Dinosaurs - v1.3 - Windows x86.zip 26 MB
Desktop Dinosaurs - v1.3 - Mac OSX.zip 38 MB

Development log


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I can't open the app on my mac :(

Hello me1soup

Can you try to install the game through the itchio app ? MacOs block seems to block the game install for security reason and using itchio app resolve the issue.

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I love this idea and the animations looks amazing :D I would love to see some tiny dinos like Aquilops or Hypsilophodons. I also think the slight downside is that dinosaurs only live on the bottom line of the screen, so maybe even something flying like Rhampho? 
Also have you considered a free demo? With, for example, a time limit or a single species of dino.  $5 is a decent dinner for the whole family in some countries D:

Anyway, great work, keep it up!

hi! im a Mac user and I've recently download this game! however once I did I couldn't event install it ;c hope this issue gets fixed as I adore this game idea

Hello Autumnstoat,

Can you try to install the game through the itchio app ? MacOs block seems to block the game install for security reason and using itchio app resolve the issue.

yep that worked thank you! i also wanted to ask, is there any way you guy will be implementing custom window sizes for this lil game? its hard to switch between then

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i can't even get the swine to run! keeps coming up with an error when, i assume, trying to run the one time helper install operation. I've submitted a report btw. please help!

Hello steveyg,

Do you try to Launch the game on Windows or Mac ? Can you describe the error you get ?

Hey I'm loving this! Very attatched already to my lil rex, however sometimes the overlay is below my task bar (windows 11) have to keep refreshing until it eventually is above it. Another thing I would love to be able to do is choose which monitor it plays on, either via windowed mode or other setting since I would prefer it if it was on my second monitor. Great work though excited to see it's still being updated!

Hello shotgunbourbon,

Thanks for the kind words, I hope you T-Rex will live a long and happy life!

To change screen, windows has a shortcut for this, when you launch the game press: ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + → right arrow or ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + ← left arrow.

if shimeji won't work on my computer will this?

Hello, sorry I don’t know this game so I can’t answer your question.

I'm loving the game, problem is that the dinosaurs and plants are not over the toolbar but inside, I saw that in the trailer is not like this. How do I fix it?

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Hello, it should not append. Can you please tell me what Windows version you are using ?


When I'm playing "Who's Your Daddy" when I go to a certain range it will put my mouse on the screen, and if I click it while my mouse is on the screen it'll take me to Desktop Dinosaurs.

I can't get the MacOS version to open :(
Keep getting the following message: "Desktop Dinosaurs is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash"

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Downloaded the Itch.io App, like a dev comment suggested. I can launch it, but the frame rate chugs and then it crashes :(

Hello, sorry for that, I have not heard this feed-back. If you’ré not satisfied or don’t want to try out the next version you can ask for a refund to itch.io by following their documentation : https://itch.io/docs/legal/terms#refunds

I can't exit out of the window when playing and the only way to exit the window is to completely shut down and refresh my computer. I'm using macOS.

I bought this for a friend on Windows x32, who use a Dual Monitor Setup; unfortunately they can't use the Overlay, as it makes their screen black. Is their a known issue around this or anything I can have them try?

Hello TheBonePope,

I’m sorry to ear your friend encounter this type of issue. I haven’t heard this type of bugs until today, even with dual screen setups. Do you know if the 2 are black or just one ?

Hi, is there a way I can get the wallpaper you used in the trailer? Love the game


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Hello Goose, I’m really pleased you love the game :)

Here you can find the wallpaper pattern from the trailer :

Hi, support linux for desktop is planned ? Thank's

up ?

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Hello Gadetroch, sorry for late response, I was in holidays. No Linux is planes for now, sorry :/

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How long does it takes to hacthed an egg ??
it's been several hours since i bought a new one

ah, and a feedback, i cant use scroll and sometimes cant click on my screen while the app running, its looks like the inventory/store blocked the screen even if its already been minimize

Hello Trayand,

Sorry for late response, I was in holidays.

Eggs tale 1h to hatch, except for the first one which hatch in 10min.

Some had a bug with egg hatching. I fixe à lot of thing in next update, including add a hatch Time display.

Next update will ne release in september.


Hello, thanks for the reply
i have a question about happiness meter, is there anything that can we do to increase the meter ?


could you make a windowed mode?

it appears that the game cannot handle my screen resolution appropriately.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello Tarcax,

I think we can do this, but it probably only available for fullscreen mode.

Nevertheless, can you tell what resolution do you have ?


screen1 = 1920x1080 <- this is the one i tried playing the game on.
screen2 = 1280x1024 <- generally used only for my browser.
screen3 = 1600x1200 <- screen used for terminals only.
screen4 = 1920x1080 <- this screen is for my system monitor only.

it appears that when i changed over my graphics card drivers to fix a different issue entirely that this one seems to be resolved?


absolutely fantastic I love this!! the only problem I am having is that when running the game I am unable to click where the game menu would be on my screen while interacting with other apps but. small price to pay for desktop dinosaur

Thanks for your support, I will check for the click trough game menu issue.

So cute! I've been playing for an hour and haven't had any bugs so far. It took me a minute to figure out how to feed my T-Rex I got in the beginning. I actually bought a stegosaurus egg, named it "meat," and then waited for it to hatch so my T-Rex could eat him. Thank goodness that's not how that game works XD. I was looking around the UI in a panic for how to feed him as his hunger bar went down, so I think that could be more clear. I'm really looking forward to future updates!

Thanks for your feedbacks, I will try to improve player unboarding in further updates.

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I Bought it,how can i enter the game? I tried for 10 or 15 minutes but i couldnt play,i really need help (im at a Samsung tablet) if i couldnt use it could i get a refund somehow?

Hello, in fact the game isn’t available on android or IOS. To get a refund you need to contact itchio support, all is explained here.

Oh okay thanks


hello i just bought this and everytime i open the application it says this

Hello, sorry to ear that, some people had the same issue but when they use the itchio app it fixe the issue.

The game oddly doesn't work on Mac, not sure why though because it wasn't updated long ago, it just says it is damaged.

Nevermind! realised i had to open it on the itch.io app!

Does this game have a discord?

Hello Amayapuppy, there is no discord at the moment. If one day a discord is create you will received an email with the acces.

Hello! How long should it take for the eggs to hatch? I've had mine for a few hours.

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Hello Slemhosta, the first egg should hatch after 10min. Other eggs should hatch after 1 hour. If it take more time, it’s a bug. Try to sell it and rebuy it, sorry.

Ok thank you! Lovely game!

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HI! Love the game! With the new update I am experiencing some small problems. 

1) Gaining coins sometimes freezes so I don't earn new coins. I uninstalled and then reinstalled and that seemed to fix it. 

2) Dinosaurs are not on top of the taskbar, they are blocking it (reinstalling or switching for full mode, changing taskbar settings doesn't fix).

 3) when I updated to v1.3, all my coins were erased, along with all the decorations and food I had already bought, but my dinoasaurs stayed.

I am patient, so please don't stress about doing another update for bug fixes, take your time. Focusing on your baby and family is much more important <3

Hello the mexican ninja,

Thanks a lot for your complete feedbacks!

I’m glad you like the game and thank you for your patience and your kind words :)

sorry I cant purchase this,

I would gladly support this if it had linux support

A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux <-- Says that at the top of the window.



Hello! If I buy this now pre-steam release will i be able to play on steam later (via steam key), or should I wait?

Sorry for the very late response, you won’t get steam key for free for buying the game on itch.io.

This was a limited offer for 2021 buyers sorry. But steam release is on the way this month :)

Hi. I am currently on Linux environment. My dinosaur is not eating plant or meat. It just laying down. Also Please add linux dekstop interaction instead of fullscreen.

oh my god this looks so promising!
If your team is ever looking for volunteers, please inform me because I'd love to help out with the making of the dinos! 


I really love this game, I'm super excited about new features coming up. I'm sort of sad to see there's a plant cap now but i love the t-rex addition.

(1 edit)

I just downloaded the newest version and have come across some problems. When I have it open on just the bottom of the screen the right side of my screen is inaccessible to me. I try to click on a different window but it acts like I have the game menu open. There are some items I can't and I also can't change which of my monitors it plays on. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello AshePendragon, thanks for rizing this issue, in fact in doesn’t happen all the time but I manage to reproduce, I’m working on fixing this.

Game positon

The time being, you can still proceed has follows to fix temporarily the issue :

  • unlock the windows bar by right clicking on the windows bar like this:

  • then change the size of the bar and change it back, like this:

Change screen

The configuration to change screen didn’t seems to work very well, I disable it for now. But windows let you it very easely by pressing: ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + → right arrow or ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + ← left arrow.

I hope it helps.

So after my dino hatched it was dead within around 15 minutes even when I bought food. Now I have to wait for a long time to get enough money to buy eggs.

Maybe not have them die so fast
Lower the egg cost to buy eggs faster OR give a free egg if you last dinosaur dies. Otherwise it's static pixel plant simulator. 


Hello, You’re right, the price will now depend of the number of Dinosaur ’ present. Thanks for your feedback.

(1 edit) (+2)

I love my lil dinosaurs, they keep me company and are super cute! Just an observation, the dinosaurs freeze and cannot move when launched from the itchio desktop app. Launching directly from the file location has no issues. Weird!


Is there an option to turn off dinosaurs dying? I really like the idea of cute dinosaurs on my desktop, but I like dinosaurs too much to see them die : o


Hello, nice idea I adding this to the next release.

Oh nice! 👍


Steam key if bought on here during sale?


Hello, yes it is, all buyers until end of 2021 will receive a steam key.

Many thanks! Bought! Can't wait to see on steam 👍

I'm enjoying it a lot so far! It's so cute and makes me so happy to see these little dudes hanging around the bottom of my screen. 

I have noticed an issue in Word (not sure if it's in other programs or not) when I try to click on something that would give a pop-out menu (clicking or right-clicking for a spelling suggestion, for instance) the menu frequently won't appear. Right-clicking in general is spotty in Word with Desktop Dinosuars running. Not sure if it's a known issue, but I wanted to mention it. It's a relatively small thing compared to how happy this program makes me. Thanks for making it!


Eagerly awaiting the Linux release! Is there a feathered dinosaur option planned or available?

What behaviors do the animals have so far?

The premise in itself offers potential, but I am not yet ready to buy, even for a small amount like $3, a mere sprite that will only walk around and do two or three other animations.


quick question, will the T-rex eat plants?

It will not, I will add meet to the game, but in futur update you will be able to make it evolve to eat plants :)

Quick question! Do each of the plant sizes give the same amount of food per coin spent on them, or are certain sizes a better "deal," giving you more food per coin?

Hello good question :) 

  • L size plants have a capacity of 1 500 food for 500 gold
  • M size plants have a capacity of 1 000 food for 300 gold
  • S size plants have a capacity of 500 food for 200 gold

So in fact it's a better deal to buy 1 L plant than 3 S plants.

I love the cute dinosaurs so much ♥ I bought it for my sister too. They all make my work day brighter. I'm excited to see the new features and dinos as they come in! Thank you for making this ♥

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