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A downloadable game for Windows

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Enjoy watching cute hand animated dinosaurs inspired by 90's Tamagotchi live directly on your desktop. Manage your environment, resources to raise and evolve your dinosaurs during their entire life. But don't forget to show them love! Dinosaurs need love!

Features 馃

  • See your dinosaurs live (eat, sleep, die...) inside on your windows desktop
  • 2 species of dinosaur currently available  (more to come)
  • Your progression is saved
  • Name your dinosaurs
  • Randomly generated  dinosaur colors sets inspired by NES console color palette
  • A shop where you can buy new dinosaurs eggs, plants, decorations

Stretch goals 馃

All stretch goals are reached, thanks for the support!


  • $100 —> More environment variety and possibility to buy plants, flowers to customize your dinosaurs environment --> reached, coming soon (v1.2)
  • $200 —> Add 1 dinosaur: Triceratops --> reached, coming soon (v1.2)
  • $300 —> The game will be released on Steam --> available here

To come

  • $400 —> Add 1 dinosaur: Ankylosaurus  --> reached, coming soon (v1.4)
  • $500 —> Add 2 dinosaurs: Parasaurolophus & Pachycephalosaurus --> reached, coming soon (v1.4)
  • $600 —> Add 5 new colors sets --> reached, coming soon (v1.3)
  • $700 —> Add 1 dinosaur: Brachiosaurus  --> reached, coming soon (v1.4)
  • $800 —> Add interaction with dinosaurs : play, pet... --> reached, coming soon (v1.5)
  • $900 —> Add 1 dinosaur: Iguanodon  --> reached, coming soon (v1.4)
  • $1 000 —> Add 1 dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus  --> reached. will come in v1.4
  • $2 000 —> Dinosaur interactions : fight, love, couple... --> reached. will come in v1.5


Buy Now
On Sale!
20% Off
$4.45 $3.56 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.56 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Desktop Dinosaur - Windows - 32 MB
Desktop Dinosaur - Windows - 32 MB

Development log


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Hi, I was waiting for the Steam release to buy this game, and when I added it to my wishlist it said the release was sometime in July, but checking on it now it no longer has a release date. Is a Steam release still planned?


Hello DragonFilms, first of all thank you for your interest :)

I had to delay the steam release because I can't launch the game as early access because is already out here, on So the game should be fairly complete before the release to Steam.

Now that said, I'm currently developing the next big release, should be finished in the next weeks and then release on For the steam release, the date has been set to December 31th, because Steam need to verify the game first, which could take few weeks.

I will soon write a newsletter on the itch page, to explain all of this and the content of the new release.

Sorry for the delay, I do my best to release the best game as soon as possible.

Any chance at getting a steam key for buyers on here once it launches on steam?

I know my issue may have an extremely easy fix, but I can't figure out how to interact with my dinosaurs

Hello, for now you can't really interact with your dinosaurs. You click on them to display informations, feed them by placing plants but you can't interact (play,pet...) in the current state of the game.

I hope it helps.

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I bought the game few days ago.
when I open the game everything is good and it shows everythings on my desktop.
but when Im trying to "intract" the dinosuar itself or the menu, its just shakin the screen and dosent doing anything :/

is there any way to fix it?

I'm sorry to here that. You are not the first to raise this issue, I'm not able to reproduce it. But the evolutions I'm working for the next update, should fix your issue.

When it will be release, if you still have an issue, contact me, I will explain how you can ask a refund.

If the next update should fix it, then it鈥檚 good. Thank you very much!


so can you add a lot more dinosaurs you could also add a online dinosaur fighting feature 馃槂

hello how long are you planning on working on this game


It's not clear for now, but approximatly until the end of the year. But I want to complete the features correctly so it will depend of the time it will takes.

Is there a way to move it onto a different screen if you have 2+ monitors? Or stretch?


Hello, there is no way to stretch on 2 screens, but you can switch from 1 monitor to an other in the windows tray menu.

It will be integrated in a configuration window in the next releases.

Thank you so much but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I click on that button but nothing happens.

This doesn't seem to work for me either. 

This is also not swapping screens for me as wel

how do i download v1.2.2


Hello, you can simply click on the link 1.2.2 from the page, and launch the exe file from the directory, it will keep all your saves.


Hi, do you have any idea when the next update might release?

Thanks in advance


I'm doing my best to release the next big update on September 1st.

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Hey, i've been really loving the art of the game it's really freaking cute and i think you did a really good job,which is why i wanted to tell u these 2 things ;)

I think that it would be a good idea to add some pop-up kinda thing to get extra gold (idk how to explain it but it can be as simple as a coin that the dinosaurs drop when they are happy)

Also i feel that the eating animation of my dinosaur (stegosaurus) is kinda "clunky" cuz idk if im seeing it the wrong way but i think the dinosaur is shaking his tail for eating

bug report: i just noticed that the names reset when you reset the game.


Is it possible to get the overlay to stretch out over two monitors? Or be able to change it to a different monitor?

This looks so neat! Any chance of a Mac build?

Hello, it's planned, it should be available in the next release. But there will be no overlay mode. It will be replace by a fullscreen mode with a fort background environment.

Hi there,

Is there a way to start from scratch?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, yes it's possible but for now it's done by hand, go to : 

C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\LocalLow\HarmonieGames\Desktop Dinosaurs

Delete all the files and start the game. All data will be reset.

In next releases I will add this directly into the game setting.


Awsome Game. Thank You :D

When the game comes to steam, with development stop or will updates be posted on both platforms?



Steam release is planned to september 1th. It require some extra dev to add achievments and steam saves.

I will keep updating version after steam release.

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First, I want to congratulate you for this cute animated deskstop you made. It's a pleasure to see this little world growing up in the screen of my computer.

But, since the last update, it's a bit weird. My dinosaurs don't eat or move, they just wait to die. Also, their skeleton disappear after a time, but il can see a pop up when I click on the spot they died "dinosaur (clone)"

I reinstalled the game but the bugs are still there.

EDIT 14/07/21 : I saw that my dinosaurs moves again. Maybe it's okay ? But still, I have this strange pop up.

Hello Kamir-R-Lioness,

Thanks for your feedbacks, I will try to reproduce the freeze of the dinosaurs, it鈥檚 not supposed to happen :s

For the skeleton still clickable I have to check it may be a new bug I didn鈥檛 saw. If it鈥檚 the case I will fixe it pretty soon.

Hello again,

For the freeze, really, I don't know why I had it. Right now my dinosaurs move and eat and everything is ok. Maybe something went wrong when I installed the update.

But yeah, I still have the weird "dinosaur clone", like on the screenshot I post in my first comment.

Good luck and keep up the good work !


Can you make desktop dragons? That has been something I've always wanted. Cute game, though!

Hello Zenoshi, dragon are not planned, maybe in an other future game!

Thank you very much for the recent update! 

good thing this is getting attention, nice!

Really cool little game looking forwards to the updates

One setting I'd like to see would be to be able to render it just above the Desktop instead of always in front of everything it's a bit annoying when watching a youtube video for example and the task bar is still open as in this picture

(2 edits) (+1)

Also for some reason when I press the hide button and then press the menu button again it unhides everything so I can't both have the graphics hidden and have then menu closed

And also even when you have the hidden mode they are still there so you can't click on something behind it

I think I found another bug names for your Dinos doesn't seem to be saved. The name resets to Stegosaurus for my one dino each time I restart


Hi Harmonie, very cute and fun game. I have some QoL requests for your consideration if you have capacity:

  • If you toggle off visibility and then collapse the menu, visibility comes back on. It would be nice to keep visibility off when you aren't watching. A bonus would be having the menu button snap to the bottom when collapsed to stay out of the way.
  • If you click on a dinosaur to toggle the popup info, and then turn off visibility, the collision for the popup panel is still there even though it's invisible. Would be nice for all collision to turn off when visibility is off.

This game being updated was the most exciting email I've gotten all week! Also little tip for you, if you don't want the comments being flooded with bug reports you can make a google form that puts them in a spreadsheet for you! Love the game, keep up the good work :))

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Why don't you make the game free anymore with a support mode for anyone who wants to donate or give money to you, I don't have money anymore I really want to download your "game" but I do not have money

It's a 3 dollar game.. Skip a happy meal.


It's cheaper than a computer or an access to internet.
Show some respect to the author.

It's someone's work before being a game.


Hey, the dev is one person working hard, they deserve to be paid for their work.

(1 edit) (+1)

Dude. Its 3 dollars. I mean, if you really want it that bad just skip something when your shopping to be able to get it. Also, what do you mean by "game"? If you don't consider this to be a real game, things like tamagotchi aren't really games either, right?

(2 edits) (-3)
1. Eu disse "jogo" porque n茫o 茅 um jogo em si e mais um mod para o seu desktop 
2. Queria o jogo com modo de doa莽茫o porque meu cart茫o expirou e s贸 tenho 1 d贸lar e um pouco na minha conta que usaria para a doa莽茫o
tamagotchi and a toy not a game, there are 2 types of games first cd second virtual and tamagotchi is not a game but a TOY

脥cone "Verificada pela comunidade"

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Well, toys still cost money Usually more then $3.


Just picked this up. Having a strange issue, though.  When I hover over the menu button (with the three lines),  it just shakes/jiggles, and I am unable to click it.

Been trying to adjust my Windows personalization and Admin settings to fix it, but to no avail.


BUG REPORT: When I bought a new egg, a Triceratopus egg to be exact, when it hatched the dinosaur instantly died and teleported to the extremes of the screen. Also, his skeleton isn't a baby skeleton and it's a Stegosaurus skeleton even though he was a Triceratopus.

(1 edit) (+1)

Also, if there is no skeleton variants, I recommend you to make some, these little details can really enhance the game's experience!

hello Comicly, thanks for your report, I鈥檓 currently working on a fixe to this issues, it should be release pretty soon.

Okay, thanks!

1.21 question: I'm sure this will be answered in a little bit, but I don't see an egg upon launching? Do we need to save up for our first egg or should we have one? I did try readjusting my taskbar just in case, but nada. I will also report that the menu icon did show automatically with a vertical taskbar!

how do you feed your dinosaur they just layed down right after i hatched some new ones i think they might be sleeping or dead

Click the + and there'll be an option for plants!


Um. I'm actually having this issue as well. Had two hatch, and they just didn't eat.


Mine died and turned into a skeleton, so I think yours might be dead aswell

mine also hatched and almost immediately died. put a plant right next to it and it did nothing. thought it needed more energy before it could eat

could i ask how you made this?

The game is made with unity using user32.dll

thank you very much! :D i've always wanted to know how you made this, you've inspired me to make one of my own =D

so um i got the game thats good but when i accidently dleted the dinosaur thinking it was gonna buy things and it broke it and i redownloaded it but it didnt work so i have to Save up my coins to buy a new one so please fix this.

$ sign is for selling stuff, you can also sell dinosaur this way. This isn't a bug. I'm thinking it could be more clear.

i really wnat this but i cant buy it so im just wondering if it will be free

Are there any plans for resolution scaling options? My laptop has a 4K screen so when I run the game the UI in the bottom right corner is super tiny. I also noticed that my mouse cursor seems to lag whenever the game is running, possibly a performance issue?


Hello, yes I'm planning to work on the scaling issue on the next releases. For the performance issue I'm working on it.

(4 edits)

I don't have the game (yet) but I'd like to have a question answered before buying it: Are the updates free-to-install after you buy the game?
(example: I buy it in 1.2.1 and 1.3 released: Do I have 1.3 for free?)

Just to be sure if I buy the game now or later, thanks =)

Yes, all updates are free.


Yes, all updates will always be free

Okay, thanks!

Really cute game!

I was digging though the files looking for anything related to the resolution as I'd really love to scale the app up as I have a very pixel dense monitor. I would absolutely love this, or even just to have a release of a developer build rather than production build so I can access the Unity console.

Great work :))


I'm also enjoying this little idle game very much! The art style is absolutely adorable! 

However I have also run into the bug where dinosaurs hatch and sleep until they die? This has happened twice so far- Coins also have stopped accumulating ;w;

I've deleted the old saves from the previous build and installed the newest 1.2.1

Sorry to hear that :( I'm in hollydays for one week, I will investigate and fixe it when I'm back, sorry for the delay. In the mean time old version are available on the page if needed. 

Same problem here

Same :|

My Triceratopus hatched then instantly died from hunger.


The new patch is cool but I've discovered a few new bugs

When dinosaurs hatch out of their eggs, they spawn in their sleeping animation with half energy and 0 hunger and doesn't move

Sometimes the coin income stops for some reason

These two bugs, prominently the first one, seems to break the game. Hopefully you can patch these two soon

Hello normally it shouldn't happen. It may caused by the fact I completely rework the save system to get something more stable but old save aren't compatible. Do you experience this behavior multiple times or just at first load? 

What I did is before I installed 1.2.1 I uninstalled the other 2 versions since I didn't think I needed them. But it did these two bugs regardless, even when I tried uninstalling 1.2.1 and reinstalling it. As well as exiting the game and opening it back up, it still did it

Sorry to hear that :( I'm in hollydays for one week, I will investigate and fixe it when I'm back, sorry for the delay. In the mean time old version are available on the page if needed. 

I am having an issue when I boot up the application it is not at the bottom of the screen and it is floating so far to the right of my screen that I cant interact with the menu buttons. I have tried moving it with (win+shift+arrow key) but it refuses to move. Is there a solution to this? 


I've tried running it a few times but everthing is just a pink block on my screen with no details, when i click on them the info pops up but I cant actually see the dinosaurs

I'm having the same problem :(

The application stays in the background for me :( Maybe because I have 2 monitors?

i bought this but realized that its not compatible on macOS :(

(1 edit)

hi! it seems like currently all dinosaur eggs will hatch a triceratops, i've bought both stegosaurus and triceratops eggs and have only gotten triceratops out of both eggs

(2 edits)

Hey! I LOVE THE DINOSAURS, but it's a little laggy when I bring up the HUD. Could that just be on my end? Thanks ahead of time!

Edit: After reading some of the posts, it seems like the cursor lag has already been brought to attention. Thanks again for being aware and addressing concerns! Looking forward to future updates. 

Update: Thank you for fixing the cursor lag!! Now my dinosaurs hatch, don't move, and die. :x How do I get rid of the skeletons? There are many.

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